About Me

My Journey to Swimming

I have always been able to swim, like most children learning at a very young age. However I initially hated the water and swimming. I actually didn’t like sport much as a whole, I kept active by playing out with my friends and going on bike rides with my family but nothing competitive.

When I was in primary school I was diagnosed with a large bone tumour in my left femur. This led to a bad leg break, resulting in a my left leg being considerably shorter than my right one. As a result of my shorter leg I underwent several operations, mainly on my right leg, to rectify the problem.

Currently my legs are both the same size, however i am around 2 inches shorter than I was supposed to be. Because of the large number of operations I had received in a relatively short space of time I was struggling to walk.

In order to get me back on my feet I attended Hydrotherapy sessions, this is basically doing physiotherapy in a warm swimming pool.

From there my physiotherapist recommended I took up swimming as a way to keep fit and strengthen my legs.

I joined a small local swimming club within days, South Sunderland Swimming Club. The club has since shut down, so I moved to the City of Sunderland Swimming Club where I currently train.

Swim Club

Club: City of Sunderland Swim Club (COSASC)Click here for website
Squad: Performance Squad
Coach: Danny Thompson

I have been training with the City of Sunderland since 2008 and I have progressed throughout the squads. I now train 18 hours a week in the pool and 6 hours in the gym.

I feel its is important to give back to my club and this is why I am a volunteer coach (Level 1 Teacher).

I teach the Junior Bronze Squad, I call the swimmers my Bronze Statues.

I also get involved the the club race nights and I have been a coach at the Junior League for the club.


My family is very important to me. I am one of three children, one of which is my twin sister, Emma. I also have an older sister called Hannah. I am the only one of us who still lives at home with our parents. I live in Washington, which is just outside of Sunderland, where I have lived all my life having been born in Sunderland.

Medical Condition

I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy. It is quite a common condition that effects muscle development and co ordination on the left hand side of my body. The condition is caused due to damage to the brain during its development.


Outside the pool I am usual teenager. I enjoy playing on my playstation 4 with my friends. As well as this I am a massive Pokemon fan, playing the video games and collecting the cards.

Fun Facts


  • Favourite Food:

    Sweet Chilli Chicken with Noodles


  • Favourite Band:

    All Time Low


  • Sporting Role Model:

    Matt Cowdrey
    S9 Para-Swimmer


  • Favourite Dessert:

    (Off Season ONLY !!!)


  • Favourite Book:



  • Dream Holiday:

    Usa or Canada


  • Favourite Film:

    The Imitation Game


  • Favourite TV Show:

    Criminal Minds


  • Unknown Fact:

    I have adopted a Polar Bear