St John Boste RC Primary School

On the 14th of March I visited St John Boste RC Primary School, I was met by the the headteacher, Mrs Cushlow.  In the foyer of the school I immediately noticed their tree, saying “We can be whoever we want to be”, I also noticed that one pupil wanted to be a swimmer, that gave me a warm glow inside.

I thought this would be a great photo spot to have my photo with the headteacher 


We can be whoever we want to be

St John Boste Primary, was a smaller size school, this allowed me to deliver my motivational speech to the whole school at once.  I first of all told the children about myself, then I went on to talk about my journey to Rio and showed them a video of my races in Rio. Then came the part I really enjoy, where 5 children are selected to come out and help me, one child to where my Gold Medal, next child held the Gold Tom, then the next child my racing jammers, then my Red Racing Hat and the final volunteer wore my dry robe, this always gets the child laughing.

My final message to the children is about success, I explained to the children that everyone can be successful in their chosen field, but success is not always easy, you have to find something you are passionate about, work hard at it and you will become successful.

After my presentation was completed the Junior School children stayed in the school for a Question and Answer Session. Some interesting questions came from this session!

What was my favourite Subjects at school? History/Chemistry/Biology

Who Inspired me to become Paralympic Champion? Matt Cowdrey – Australian – S9 Swimmer

What pet would I like and what would I call it?  The Pet I would like is a cat, but not sure on the name.

Matt is from Washington so this made it even more interesting to see how much he has achieved. Matt especially loved our welcome tree and how children have put their own ideas and thoughts into what they would like to achieve in life.Mrs Cushlow, Headteacher

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