Fun in the Pool with Charlie Creaser

It was an early start this Sunday for me, I had to be at the Washington Everyone Active Pool for 7.45, as I was meeting up with Charlie Creaser and his parents.  I first met Charlie at the Pride of Wearside Awards, where we got chatting about swimming, Charlie asked for some advice on his swimming. I decided rather then communicating through email with Charlie it would be good to get in the water with him. The Washington Pool were a great support, allowing us to use the pool exclusively, before opening to the general public.  During the session we worked on body position in the water and water confidence. We pretended to be spider man and walked up the side of the swimming pool wall. I think the part Charlie found the most enjoyable was swimming through my legs, I was impressed at how confident he was at doing this. 

Link to Sunderland Echo article and video  …click here

At the end of the session I gave Charlie a GB Hat, pair of GB trunks (that he will need to grow into!) and a Paralympic pin badge.

Since Charlie and I had our session in the Washington Pool, Charlie has been back swimming  with his mam, this is what Michelle had to say

Having Matt show him different techniques to improve his core strength and floating was a massive help not just for myself but also for Charlie to prove to himself that he can float and there for not be scared of it and also I think he looked up to Matt because even though he has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, he has not let it effect or stop what he enjoys.Michelle Creaser











Matt was great with him and we’re so thankful that he took the time to do that.
Michelle (Charlie’s Mum)