Whickham Parochial Primary School Visit

On Tuesday the 15th of November I visited Wickham Parochial Primary School.

Mr Armstrong, the headteacher, introduced me to the school children. First I talked to the Key Stage 2 Children about my experiences in Rio and what it like to succeed.  Next it I spoke to the Key Stage 1 children who listened to my story.  A fun part of the presentation is when I do my  little 5 question quiz, where the children get a chance to win ParalympicGB prizes donated by Sainsbury’s part of their Supercharge range. At he end of the assembly the Year 1 Children stayed back to have a closer look at my medal and have a class photo taken we me. One little boy was really excited to meet me, as he has Cerebral Palsy like me. He had brought two specially minted Reals, for the Paralympics, to show me from Brazil.

The next part of my visit was to go into the Year 5 class, where the children had been on the internet researching questions to ask me. There had a full range of questions to ask me.

The first question was from a girl who has Cerebral Palsy in her hands and she wanted to know what it like to have CP in my leg, aswell as arm? Which is a great question and very unique.

Other questions included …

  • Who was my inspiration?
  • What it felt like to win my medal?
  • How did you get into swimming?
  • What is my favourite Pokemon?

The children had definitely been checking out my website. Finally it was time for a class photo, with someone wearing my medal aswell as someone else holding Tom. During all of this the children were still firing questions at me, with loads of enthusiasm.

I really enjoyed my visit and was made to feel very welcome by the headteacher and the whole school.